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How To Know Jesus

To get to know Jesus is really simple. All someone has to do is just have faith that Jesus died on a cross to pay for all of our sin. Not only did Jesus die, but we have to believe that He rose again conquering death and is seated on the throne to relate with us (talking to us, listening to us, teaching us, etc.). So if you repent of all the bad stuff you’ve done known as sin, asking the living, unconditionally loving Jesus to forgive you of it all, you will have a relationship with Jesus that is real and personal. Your life will change. Things won’t be perfect. But they will be different, and life will keep getting better as the living God will from thereon out see you as His beloved child!


With Ollie G

A service of Koch’s Farm Service - in the Lewistown Valley - Tamaqua

SUNDAY at 8:30 AM on Magic 105.5 WMGH and 1 PM on AM 1410 WLSH

Keepin’ It Real blends both Biblical teaching and Contemporary Christian music in an effort to encourage, entertain, and engage people to the reality of Jesus Christ. Jesus is alive and cares for everyone no matter who they are or what their story might be. The teaching focuses solely on Jesus, His Word and how He is so relevant for a culture that is having all kinds of trouble and challenges. The upbeat music selections from week to week apply to the select message for that particular show as well as for a culture that has great need for something positive from the songs we play.

So won’t you join us on Keepin’ It Real? The show doesn’t condemn anybody, but does speak up for the truth. We value every listening, as well as non-listening ear, for God places infinite value on everyone He has created. Anything that goes contrary to the truth in the Bible gets exposed. Anything that goes consistent with Scripture gets treasured. Jesus has no real part in boring times or things that carry no Biblical conviction. So if you happen to be looking for a fresh, exciting time in the Lord, then join us on Keepin’ It Real.

About Your Host

“Hey I’m your humble host Oliver Gann, aka Ollie G. I’ve had a burden to proclaim Christ and relate with people naturally and in real ways. I can’t stand superficial, judgmental, boring, irrelevant things done in the name of Christ. Jesus unconditionally and infinitely loves us. He created and sustains everything. He has given us the incredible gifts of the cross and an empty grave where He laid. So my intention with Keepin’ It Real sets solely on proclaiming Him for who He REALLY is. Jesus gives life purpose, understanding, hope, satisfaction, and excitement that go beyond measure. That’s the reason for Keepin’ It Real.

I’ve got a bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Delaware and a master’s from Liberty Theological Seminary. I am definitely pro-education, but those degrees don’t qualify me to be the host of Keepin’ It Real. What qualifies me would be the calling of God. God has given me opportunity and grace to exhort any and all that listen to the program. I greatly encourage you to listen as often as you can. If you have any questions or comments about the show, feel free to email me at In the meantime, I look forward to sharing God’s relevant truth with you in a fresh, exciting way that I hope will bless you Big-Time!!”

-Ollie G.

Ollie G.

“On Fire for God”

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