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Keepin’ It Real

With Ollie G

Sunday from 8 AM to 9 AM

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Keepin’ It Real blends both Biblical teaching and Contemporary Christian music in an effort to encourage, entertain, and engage people to the reality of Jesus Christ. The upbeat music selections from week to week apply to the select message for that particular show as well as for a culture that has great need for something positive from the songs we play.

About Your Host

“Hey I’m your humble host Oliver Gann, aka Ollie G.

I’ve got a bachelor’s in Sociology from the University of Delaware and a master’s from Liberty Theological Seminary. I am definitely pro-education, but those degrees don’t qualify me to be the host of Keepin’ It Real. What qualifies me would be the calling of God. God has given me opportunity and grace to exhort any and all that listen to the program. I greatly encourage you to listen as often as you can. I look forward to sharing God’s relevant truth with you in a fresh, exciting way that I hope will bless you Big-Time!!”

-Ollie G.

“On Fire for God”

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