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65 Years: 1952 to 2017

30 Years: 1987 to 2017

The Endless Party Tour

with THE DOC

SATURDAY 10 AM to Noon on Magic 105.5 WMGH

Layne Roberts, The Entertainment Doctor, has been a professional DJ and Radio Personality for as long as anyone can remember.

He’s back on Magic 105.5 WMGH with his unique humor and style guaranteed to make our listeners laugh and have fun.  (And that’s what it’s all about … having fun!)

Cavfefe* with “The Doc” every Saturday Morning from 10 AM to Noon to be entertained and have a little fun in your day.

Listen to The Doc and you’ll have to agree … Saturday Mornings will NEVER BE THE SAME !

* No, we have no idea what “cavfefe” means either.  If we talk to one of those fake news “journalists”, we’ll probably discover it has to do with the Russians.  The only Russian word the Doc knows is “vodka”.


Email The Doc with your thoughts, comments, critique or to request a song.

You can ASK THE DOC ANYTHING by using ASK THE DOC as the subject line.  He may answer you on the air … or not.

We will archive his shows and the latest show will be posted here for playback

Here is the show from Saturday, Nov. 18


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